COVID-19 Secure measures

Treatment protocols

Although all COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted from the 19th July, I have taken the decision to keep the majority of my measures in place for the foreseeable future, to ensure client welfare which has always been a top priority. Please see my current protocol below.

To help ensure the continued safety of my clients and myself, I will only be taking bookings from clients who have been double-vaccinated. You will be asked to confirm your vaccination status as part of the medical questions you are asked prior to your appointment.

Before your treatment

  • Answer the medical questions that will be emailed to you when your booking is made. You will be asked to confirm any changes to your answers shortly before your appointment date

  • Please bring and wear a mask

  • You will need to bring your own water for after the treatment

  • Payment needs to be made either by bank transfer in advance of your treatment, or by cheque or cash. If paying by cheque, please prefill this and bring it along with you; if unsure of the cost of your treatment please text me beforehand.

Upon arrival

  • Knock the door as usual (the door knocker and all internal door handles will be sanitised before your visit)

  • I will answer the door wearing a visor or a mask

  • Please put your mask on before entering the building

  • You will be asked to wash your hands (dry them using disposable hand towels) and also apply a hand sanitiser if you wish, and I will also do this at this point.


In the treatment room

  • You will then be lead through to the treatment room where we will go through an additional consultation form

  • You will notice the window in the treatment room will be kept open to help keep the room well ventilated

  • You will need to undress and pack your clothes into a sanitised container with a lid….please put the lid on and place it under the couch

  • Your treatment will consist of freshly laundered, sanitised towels or blankets

  • During your treatment conversation should be kept to a minimum

  • I will not wear disposable gloves during the treatment as these impact my ability to perform effective facial work, and the use of my forearms. I will, however, comply with all requirements on hand and skin sanitisation

  • If your treatment includes hot stones, they will be kept in a sterilised solution and will be disinfected after each treatment


Once your treatment is finished

  • I will leave you to get dressed, and sip some of the water that you have brought with you

  • Please leave the couch cover as it is, I will dispose of it/sanitise the room after you have gone

  • We can then re-book another treatment if needed

  • If payment has not been made by bank transfer in advance, please pay by prefilled cheque or cash

This protocol is correct as at 19th July 2021, and is subject to change should Government or industry awarding body guidance or requirements change.

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Hand Sanitizer